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About | Adelphotis Arahoviton "Ai Karyai"


Since 1954

Adelphotis Arahoviton, “Ai Karyai”, was established in Toronto in 1954. Since then the members of Adelphotis Arahoviton have worked hard to create a community for their fellow neighbors, friends and family who have relocated from Arahova (Karyes), Greece to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Since its establishment, Adelphotis Arahoviton, “Ai Karyai”, has hosted annual events to bring members together to celebrate their community and their lives as Greek-Canadians.

From 1955 to 1975, all funds the Adelphotis raised through various functions were sent to Arahova for both small and large projects.  Funds were raised to help bring drinking water to the village, to electrify the main square, to establish a medical facility, purchase and install iconography in the churches, build the porch of the Karyatides, and the list goes on.

On  July 15, 1975, the Adelphotis decided to go the extra step and become incorporated as a not-for-profit organization; thus the new name “Adelphotis Arahoviton, Ai Karyai, Toronto”.    After 1975 the Adelphotis continued to grow, not just in the number of members but in the success of its functions.  Year after year, the dances of the Adelphotis grew larger and larger, and were among the most successful of other Greek organizations in the City of Toronto.

In 1978, Adelphotis Arahoviton bought land in rural Ontario and with a lot of hard work from volunteers and donations from its members, Karyai Park was created. Now, various annual events are held at the park, including a two-day festival that corresponds with a similar festival in their home town of Arahova, Greece. To facilitate these events, the Adelphotis built a beautiful, small chapel, a dance pavilion, a fully functional outdoor kitchen with a lovely seating area right beside it, a “kafenio” where desserts and coffee are served during the annual two-day festival, a playground for children, a soccer field and camping ground. There is also a monument dedicated to the memory of fellow Arahovitans, family and friends who have passed on.

Adelphotis Arahoviton is focused on supporting their members by keeping their Greek heritage and community alive, as well as growing as Canadians. They are also associated with similar communities and organizations throughout North America and Europe.